Nike supports sports celebrities

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A document released Thursday, hours before the first match, provides the first leads to the battle between the giants of clothing & a variety of fascinating knowledge on the promotion of footy. In the global conversation about the World Cup on Twitter (TWTR), researchers in sports promotion Repucom found Nike to be a close second behind nike free 5.0, between the marks. Nike apparently is doing very well without having to spend about $ 70,000,000 spent on Adidas World Cup rights for each event.

The largest rivalry not footy World Cup this year in Brazil faces Nike against Adidas, the subject of a recent cover article for Bloomberg Businessweek. Adidas (ADS: GR) is the owner in war dress, as explained by the reporter Brendan Greeley, the company that pioneered sports sponsorship, as they & official sponsor of the FIFA know since 1970 Nike (NKE) is the Purchasing upstart best teams & players. than the World Cup itself, making a parallel event through elaborate promotion campaigns. "Adidas supports athletes" as Greeley writes, "Nike supports sports celebrities."

Nike also claims the most famous Brazilian player Neymar Jr., who ranks seventh in Celebrity DBI Repucom, a combination of the results of surveys of consumer consultation in 15 countries on awareness, appeal, influence & other factors play in endorsement value. Of the ten, only players wear Adidas shoes: Lionel Messi, Fernando Torres, Iker Casillas. Thierry Henry is the lone Puma (PUM: GR) representative-the rest are nike free run 3.

& "All Risk" Nike campaign is already paying dividends. The TV commercial has been viewed over 75 million times on YouTube (GOOG), according to the document, & Nike are adding a local "Dare to be Brazilian" campaign to highlight its sponsorship of the national team of the host.

If Brazil wins the World Cup as punter
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