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YayBoo is like YouTube—for lists.

YayBoo is a free application that allows visitors to to create, publish, view, vote on, discuss, share, and add to lists (“YayBoos”). Users can add their YayBoo to their own blog or website, or grab a YayBoo created by someone else. They can also create a private YayBoo to share with a group by an e-mail invitation.

People have created YayBoos that range from “Best BEER” to “Best Things to Ever Come in a Can” to “Most Annoying Celebrity.”

One recent YayBoo even asked visitors to vote on the best baby name for an expecting couple (yes, they chose the name with the most Yays: “Alexander”).

Private YayBoos have included such questions as “Where do you want to go for lunch today?” sent to a group of co-workers, to “What should we get Dad for Father’s Day?” that went out to a user’s brother and sister.

In our own extremely-biased opinion, we believe YayBoo is a unique way to combine lists, content, images, and polling in an interactive, highly engaging format.

For the Media:

The initial version of YayBoo had a “soft” release earlier this year. Since then we have added several features, including the ability to add images, insert content and explanations for each item in the YayBoo, and add a YayBoo to almost any other blog or website.

YayBoo is a property of McKMedia LLC, a family-owned business based in Wisconsin. For more information and interview opportunities with the creators and editors of YayBoo, please contact


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