How to YayBoo

What is a YayBoo?

A YayBoo is a list that people can view, vote on, or add to. Anyone can view any YayBoo, but to create, vote on, add to, or comment on a YayBoo, you have to Sign Up.

How do I earn points?

Check out the "About Points" page »

What makes a good YayBoo "explanation"?

The best content supporting an explanation/background of a particular YayBoo, or of an item within a YayBoo, is written by the creator of the YayBoo or the item.

But if you’re using content from another source, make sure you give the original source credit. For example:

Andrew Jackson (March 15, 1767 – June 8, 1845) was the seventh President of the United States (1829–1837). Renowned for his toughness, he was nicknamed "Old Hickory." As he based his career in Tennessee, Jackson was the first President primarily associated with the frontier. (From

What if the YayBoo I want to create has already been taken?

You can use the previously-created one, or change your theme slightly. For instance, someone might have created a YayBoo entitled "Best Robert DeNiro Movie." You could create a new one called "Best Role Played By Robert DeNiro."

What's the difference between a public and a private YayBoo?

The big difference between a private YayBoo and a public one is that the private one will not be published on the site. Only those who were forwarded the YayBoo via an e-mail from you can view, comment on, or add to your complete YayBoo.

A "Public" YayBoo is published on the site. Visitors can view, vote on, add to, and comment on your YayBoo at this site. It also allows you (and others) to add a widget version of your YayBoo to your own blog or site. You can also add a link from the site back to your own site.

What kind of YayBoos are allowed?

Just about anything you like. All we ask is that you don't promote or commit any unlawful activity, or make damaging comments about private individuals. Please see our Message to YayBooers for other guidelines and suggestions.

Where do I send my comments, questions, or suggestions?

Send an email to